Sustainable Lifestyles Are Healthier For Us And The Planet
Learning to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle benefits us all. Whether you’re getting back in shape or are concerned with a serious health issue like diabetes, changing how you treat your body and what you choose to put into it can be the catalyst for healthier living overall.

Taking care of yourself, reducing your carbon footprint and consuming more locally extends beyond the boundaries of one’s life and affects everyone around us. I believe in the adage, “teach by example”. In this way we have the power to impact our communities by where we shop, what organizations we support and the information we share with the people in our lives.


Incorporating Sustainability into ones lifestyle is a popular topic among my friends and people I meet. I will be investigating what being sustainable means, how to do it and give valuable suggestions and resources to move you along your own path to sustainability.

One link swept past my Twitter account recently, “What High Gas Prices Mean for Renewable Energy“. After reading, I got to thinking… Read more

Food Justice

Food Justice is a growing concern for much of the world. I am a strong believer in people’s right to have safe, healthy and affordable food sources available to them in their communities. I post about the many influential people and movements now taking place such as Michael Pollan, Novella Carpenter, City Slicker Farms, sustainable agriculture and urban farming just to name a few.

The term “super-food” is often overused but, a refers to a certain type of food that provides more than general nutrients, low in calories and high in anti-oxidants. Açai is considered… Read more


I’ll be sharing with you some recipes that I’ve developed through experimentation. Nutritionally speaking, I believe they are some of the most wholesome and healthful foods you can give to your body. So, I’ve decided to share my successes in the kitchen with y’all here.  I’ll be covering baking breads, desserts and cooking my favorite meals.

You see, ever since I was a kid, I loved to cook. Thinking back, I learned out of pure necessity. I really loved to eat! I couldn’t eat enough and found myself in the kitchen often foraging for a good meal. From those early days I’ve learned about nutrition and eating well while growing up in the North Bay. Now, I prefer buying from farmer’s markets in S.F. and the East Bay. All of these great vegetables to choose from and cook with – what a great gift to live in the Bay Area 🙂


Being an avid runner, I’ll also be posting my reflections on the sport and some techniques to say fit and injury free (Running).

Stay tuned and stay healthy!

Check out www.chrisrippsjuiceplus.com for the best way to get the benefits from 17 fruits, vegetables and grains.


7 Responses

  1. Hey Cuz! I love it! The site itself is cool and I will have to try out a dish or two. Hugs!

  2. Yo! you’re every where!

  3. RRRipps! Cool site and I’ll/we’ll be looking forward to delving more as the clock she ticks!
    Thanks for the bread and veggies-yumm!

  4. thanks so much for these great entries! i am now training for another Half Marathon, and if i can get into a running group for RAGNAR in 2012, i will hope to run this, too!

    i love the local farmer’s markets – lots of great vegetables to choose from. PLUS it is so hot here in the summer that i grow lots of heirloom veggies.. love that.

    talk care, Jenn Hathorne

  5. Chris, all of your articles are well written and informative. You make me wonder why more of us are not immediately leaping into the process of making ourselves sustainable or more sustainable. It seems that change is always a product of crisis. Unfortunately, crisis just creeps up until it pounces on the unsuspecting. Urban farms will be a meaningful answer now and in the near future. Thanks for continuing to keep this in the public’s eye. Ron

  6. Excited about this Chris… It’s everything you’ve been so passionate about all housed in one accessible place. I’m on the road with work and have been for months – just delving into the articles more deeply now. WAY TO GO!

  7. Well. This is getting to know you better. Thanks for putting what you have out there. To our good… Dah!

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