Most of the recipes that I use in my day-to-day cooking and baking are modified using substituted ingredients intended to make them healthier and hopefully tastier too.

I used to substitute Earth Balance, which is claimed to be vegan, for butter. I thought I was being healthy until I realized that it contains Canola oil. Seems benign enough but, no – Canola (Canada + oil) is made from Rapeseed oil and is poisonous to living things and is an excellent insect repellent!

Cooking with olive oil and coconut oil is the safest for your health. I’ve even switched over to using olive oil in all my bread recipes.

I also like to use as many organic ingredients as possible. I usually get most of my organic produce at the farmers market. I find the quality and freshness is much better than what I can get at the natural food stores. And if I’m going to pay the organic food premium, then I want that money to go directly to the farmers.

Cooking can be very relaxing but, I find that when I am pressed for time, I need simple, quick recipes. I focus my posts on these recipes rather than the obscure, seldom used ones that would be appropriate for a fancy dinner party.

I hope you’ll enjoy making them and drop me a comment to let me know your thoughts or suggestions.



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