Urban Agriculture Organizations, Blogs & Websites
New Orleans Farm and Food Network:
City Farmer News

Seed Repositories

Rooftop Gardens
Bay Localize – Rooftop Resources

Blog Sites of Interest
Community Rejuvenation Project

Live Green, Wear Black

Mellish Fields West


Sustainability Blog

The Caitlan Blog


Super Foods
Juice Plus

Non-Profit Organizations of Interest

Water Resource Issues


Transition United States:

Transition Towns – The UK site for the Transition Network:

Rob Hopkins’ blog:

Energy Bulletin – A clearinghouse of information concerning the peak in global energy:

Powering Down A blog site exploring issues around energy descent:

Richard Heinberg – Richard Heinberg’s site containing the archive of his Museletters.:

The Oil Drum – Discussions about energy and our future:

The Dynamic Cities Project – A non-profit organization creating energy transition strategies as a proactive response to peak oil and climate change.

Post Carbon Institute:

Zone 5 – Permaculture and powerdown in Ireland:

Sharon Astyk’s blog:

Global Public Media – An invaluable resource, films, transcripts and audio files of interviews and articles by many of the leading thinkers:

Last Oil Shock – David Strahan’s website, with some excellent interviews and articles:

The Community Solution – a wonderful organization in the US, the people who produced The Power of Community DVD, among other things.

Permaculture Magazine (UK):

Permaculture International Journal:

Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas (ASPO):

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy – Links and information on saving energy at home:

World Carfree Network – A hub of the global carfree movement with information from around the world on how to revitalize towns and cities:

Real People, Real Preparation series by Carolyn Baker on Peak Oil and Transition:

Earth Circles – Earth Circles is based on Joanna Macy’s work and is a helpful resource for bringing awareness to the inner transition:

Social Media and Networking
Chris Ortolano @cortolano


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